With so many different shapes, sizes, and features to choose from, it can be challenging to decide which shower head is best for you. We’re going to be looking at round vs. square showerheads.

Round vs. Square Shower Heads: Which Is Better?

1) Materials: The difference in material between round and square shower heads is the material used on the body. The more durable body on the square shower head is made of brass and stainless steel, while the round shower head has a plastic body. Many people think that brass or stainless steel is better than plastic, but some people think that the round shower head is more appealing and looks better than the square shower head.

2) Spacing: The spacing that exists between both types of showerheads and how they work will determine how far apart they need to be. Square showerheads have four openings on them to get water from one side to another side, while round or rectangular showers have two openings on them so you can get water from one side to one side of it.

3) Pipes and Walls: The other point that makes the difference is the type of pipe that gets the water onto the showerhead. The round shower head has a larger pipe than what is found on square showers; this is to allow for more water to go through it.

4) Price: Finally, there are different prices you can get both types of showerheads for. A round shower head tends to be more expensive because of the material used in one, while a square shower head can be cheaper because of its plastic body.

5) Appearance: Appearance plays an important role in how people feel about the type of shower heads that they have installed, and both types are able to look good.

6) Feelings on the Flow of the Water: Some people like one type better than another when it comes to flow; however, when talking about flow when it comes to showers, most people agree that having a straight shower is better than having one that has a curved flow.

How to Find the Right Size?

Installing a shower head is a lot easier today with new technology and better materials used in manufacturing. More minor problems are experienced as compared to years past as long as you know how to measure your shower space before going out to buy one. This article will teach you how to determine the correct size of a shower head for your needs and how it is done quickly without the need for a professional’s help at all times.

Does the size of the showerhead matter? 

The size of the showerhead does matter, which is often overlooked. However, the right shower head to choose depends on different factors including its use. There are different sizes available in the market for purchase, but one must know what size to choose based on factors such as home usage and personal preference.

Size Of The Shower Head

Before deciding on the best shower head for your plumbing, you have to decide what type of fixture will be connected to it. The following are the shower heads that are available in different models with varying sizes.

Different Types of Shower Heads: 

1. Chrome Shower Head: Chrome showerheads are circular or oval-shaped with openings that disperse water in every direction. They require no installation and are easily removable for cleaning. Several holes are available with varied flow rates to suit your preferences. Chrome shower heads are usually more expensive than other showerheads.

2. Traditional Shower Heads: Traditional showerheads are oval or rectangular-shaped and require some DIY skills to install, as there is always a possibility of damage to the pipes. Some models of this type come with adjustable flow controls so that water flow can be increased or decreased as per your preferences. They don’t have a long lifespan due to the design which diverts water through a single hole in the middle. Such models are easier to clean, but be careful while changing the nozzles as it involves changing the complete cartridge unit inside it. The traditional style shower head is cheaper than chrome units with similar features available as compared to chrome units.

3. Rectangular Shower Head: Rectangle showerheads are oval-shaped and require drilling holes in the wall. They have a single hole with a single flow rate, but their length and width together can accommodate most people. They can be used to dispense both hot and cold water as per your choice without any hassle. The units are easily cleaned by removing the showerhead from the wall, even if it is sealed with a sealant to avoid mildew or other threats. Rectangular showers can be cleaned and maintained to function properly and last for many years.

4. Pocket Shower Head: Pocket shower heads are usually rectangular in shape and can be used to dispense both hot and cold water as per your preferences without any hassle. They are circular in the middle with a showerhead at the bottom that dispenses hot or cold water. These can be easily cleaned by removing them from the wall, even if it is sealed with sealant to avoid mildew or other threats. They can be used with shower panels and other showerhead accessories with ease.

5. Round Shower Head: Round showers, as the name suggests, are round in shape. They are very popular among homeowners since they are smaller in size, easy to clean and maintain. Their nozzles are fitted to swivel, making them easier to clean. Their holes can also be rotated easily to avoid clogging of the holes while cleaning the nozzles.

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Although the two types differ in which body they are made from, they all work exactly the same way and can get water from one side to another without much hassle. They look good and function well in an indoor space; however, some people like round and rectangular shower head more than others. However you decide between round and square showerheads, either will work great for whatever needs to be achieved by having one installed at your home.