The idea of replacing the showerhead with handheld showerheads has been a goal for industry professionals and home consumers for years. With new technologies and methods, it’s easier to convert fixed heads into handheld ones. As society keeps evolving, so does this trend of converting existing models into much more functional ones.

If you are unhappy with the pressure of your fixed showerhead, or if you want more space in your showering enclosure, it may be time to replace your current model. The process is much simpler than it might seem; follow these simple steps, and you will have a handheld showerhead installed in no time.


The first step in the process is to shut off the water supply to your showerhead. Turn off the main water valve and drain the water from the pipes and fixtures. This will make it easier for you to reach the interior of the shower’s enclosure. When you are ready, gently remove any remaining nozzles attached to your showerhead with a pair of pliers. 

Make sure to disconnect the tube that connects the fixed showerhead to its base. Next, you can begin removing screws from your fixed showerhead with a screwdriver that has Phillips-head tips. There are usually two screws that keep your showerhead attached to its base, and these are easy to remove. Use a wrench to loosen the fixed showerhead and disconnect it from the pipes. 

Remove any hoses that you may have previously attached to your showerhead so you can get a better view of where you will be installing your handheld fixture. Once all of the previously mentioned steps have been completed, you should now be able to access the pipes in your shower’s enclosure. To install a new handheld model, first look at how small your handheld model is compared to the space inside of the chamber and decide if this size will work for you. 

If it is too small, you will need to switch to a different model or move the hose and pipes around. You can use either a screwdriver or pliers to loosen the nuts that hold the showerhead on its pipe assembly. Then you can unscrew everything and remove any leftover parts from your shower.

Now that your handheld model is ready for installation measure the diameter of the pipes where you want to place your handheld model and compare this to the diameter of your new handheld component’s pipe assembly. If they do not match up, you will need to switch out parts.

What Factors Should Be Considered While Buying A Handheld Showerhead? 

1. Before buying a handheld showerhead, you should think about how you plan to use it. Do you want a model installed in your shower, or do you plan on using it outside of the shower? You can use a handheld head outdoors to clean yourself after working out or clean off dirt and debris from your face or body when gardening. When choosing a handheld model for outdoor use, look at the features and water pressure capabilities. 

2. Determine what type of handheld showerhead you would like to use. There are many different types, and they all have different features, including one-piece or two-piece. One-piece models tend to be more convenient as it comes with an easier assembly. On the other hand, a two-piece model is better if you plan on using your handheld showerhead regularly because you will not be replacing the component as often.

3. Be sure to take a look at the showerhead’s hose and handle. When you are using a handheld showerhead, the water must run smoothly through the pipe and nozzle without any pressure differences, so you need to make sure that these components are durable and withstand constant use. 

Benefits of Handheld Shower Heads

1. Using handheld showerheads allow you to use more water simultaneously than you could with a fixed one. While there is a fundamental loss of pressure when you are using a handheld showerhead, you can, in turn, use different types of shampoo and soap without any wastage.

2. Unlike fixed models, handheld showerheads are more convenient and mobile. While they drain your pipes faster, this is not a problem, and you can detach the hose and use it on other fixtures often.

3. Since most handheld showerheads are smaller in size, you will have more space in your showering chamber when installing it. Depending on the size of your current model, you can have about 5% additional headspace for a handheld showerhead compared to a fixed one.

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If you follow the steps mentioned above, you should easily replace the showerhead in your bathroom. You may notice that much like other important repairs and tasks to be done at home involving plumbing; it becomes easier after learning more about the process of replacing a fixed showerhead with a handheld model. With this knowledge and experience, you will be able to gain more profit from your used fixture and make your replacement much simpler.