Installing a dual shower head is not a very difficult task. Anyone with essential tools can smoothly perform the job. If you are installing a new shower system with dual heads, follow the guidelines below:

Steps to Be Followed

Firstly Turn the Water Supply Off

Disassemble your current shower system. You may need an adjustable wrench and pliers. Take out your shower head.

After the showerhead is removed, remove all the Teflon tape on the shower arm. If the shower arm has any dirt or rust, clean it thoroughly. you can use a WD-4o spray to clean rusty parts

Install the base valve. The base valve will connect the main showerhead and hand shower. Before attaching the base valve and shower arm, wrap the plumber’s tape or Teflon tape to the shower arm to attach the base valve firmly.

Securing the Base Valve

  1. Connect the main showerhead to the base valve.
  2. Use plumber’s tape so that the showerhead and base valve is joined together tightly.
  3. Use a wrench to tighten them together.

When the main showerhead is attached, repeat the same process to attach the second showerhead onto the base valve and secure it tightly with the help of a wrench. If your second shower head is a hand spray shower, connect the water pipe to the base valve and connect the other end of the water pipe to the hand shower head. Secure both showerheads tightly.  Place a piece of cloth between the wrench so that the shower system does not scratch on them. Turn on the water supply to check if there is water leakage. If there is any water leakage, turn off the water supply and tighten the wrench’s connection again.

Installing Double Shower

Suppose you want to install double shower heads in your bathroom on opposite walls. In that case, you need to call a plumber because there is only one water connection for the shower in homes, and to install a second shower, you will need a plumber to install a new shower system. The plumber will bring a new shower water supply line from your home’s previous main water supply lines.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Double Shower System:

Before making any purchase, anyone will look for the product, consider its pros and cons, and read the reviews online to check how many ratings and positive comments their desire product has. There are also many factors and points that anyone should consider before buying a new dual shower head system.

The Pressure of Water

The ideal water pressure of a shower depends from person to person. Some people like showering with high water pressure, while others feel high water pressure as something is poking into them. It depends upon personal preference. Before you buy a new shower system, try looking for one with adjustable shower pressure valves. Adjustable pressure valves are an excellent option to install in family bathrooms where anyone can easily adjust the water pressure as they like.

Well Water

Many people still live in the areas where they dont have the water supply from the city water supply. They have their wells for pumping up the water. If your well is not large enough to pump up an efficient amount of water, then a dual shower will not work for you. Because installing dual showers with a low water supply will decrease the water pressure in the previous showerhead, you will not be able to enjoy the dual shower system as it is meant to be.

Pipe Thickness

Before buying any dual shower head system, look for the pipe thickness because pipe thickness defines whether the water pressure would be low or high. The thicker the pipe is, the higher would be the pressure of water will be. If you are looking for high water pressure, then look at the pipe before buying. Purchase thick pipe shower systems if you like showering with high water pressure.

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Taking a shower with both hand shower and fixed showerhead itself is something different. But when you have a dual shower system in your bathroom, you can enjoy having two different water pressure, two different showerheads, and the experience of taking a double shower. Installing a dual shower system is not difficult, but before installing any dual showers and mess up with the pipes, make sure you turn off the water supply and ensure no water leakage while installing.