Best Shower Heads for Your Bathroom - The Top 10 Picks!

There can be many reasons to change your showerhead. Whether you want a better shower or bathroom renovation, showerheads can make a huge difference. Besides enhancing your bathroom’s look, showerheads can boost your mornings too.

Unlike old times, today’s showerheads incorporate the latest technology, from diverse spray settings to adjusting the water flow. For all these reasons, we have reviewed the best shower heads you can buy in 2021.

We recommend you go through these shower head reviews before you invest in a refreshing shower experience.

The 10 Best Shower Heads

Before you make a purchase, know what to look for in a shower system. Do you need a fixed showerhead or a hand shower? Some people prefer a combination of both as it offers a dual-stream system.

Keep in mind, most showerheads today include a pre-installed water restrictor. It helps to maintain the water flow and keep it below 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute). If you are looking for other showerheads apart from this buying guide, pay attention to the ones with flows of 2 GPM or less.

While the market offers plenty of showerheads, we have listed and reviewed the top 10 for your convenience.

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Brand: Moen

Moen is a famous showerhead manufacturer for a long time. After so many years of trial and error, the company knows what makes a good shower. For this reason, Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Functions Rain Shower is our top pick.

If you are planning to invest in a bulky fixture, this showerhead is worth it. It offers a spa-like rain shower experience with quality construction and practicality. Once you go through its installation process, everything looks stylish around it.

Moen S6320 offers an 8″ extra-wide face for a classic rainfall look. It holds 100 nozzles to provide a powerful flow. Often people prefer showers with longer arms to obtain an exact rainshower look. But, this shower head performs dramatically as compared to other models.

It offers a flow of 1.85 GPM, which satisfies the required flows of wide-head showers. Anyone can fall in love with the shower’s quiet adjustment lever. It does not produce any loud, mechanical clicks. In fact, it smoothly transforms from full coverage to focused rinsing mode.

This showerhead offers two spray settings. It works for many owners who don’t want to spend half of their shower time choosing options! You can find it in different colors for a chic look. These include Brushed Nickel, Brushed Golden, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Chrome.




Brand: Delta

Delta is another famous name among shower manufacturers. This brand offers an exclusive range of showerheads on the market. From elevating your bathroom’s interior space to providing an exceptional experience, Delta provides everything and more. Each of its bathroom fixtures can be installed in less than 20 minutes. Thus, we have the second selection on our list from this brand.

The 58480-PK In2ition is the best from Delta due to its two innovative showering styles:

  1. The H2OKinteic PowerDrench Spray
  2. The In2ition Dual Shower Head

This model uses a detachable handheld shower along with the showerhead. It provides you with a lavish showering experience. With its 2-in-1 functionality, you can enjoy vast water coverage at a warm temperature.

It comes with the MangaTite docking feature – a powerful magnet to keep the handheld head in place. Besides, the H2OKinetic technology creates stronger water droplets. These mimic the feel of a drenching rainforest shower catering to higher intensity and coverage.

Among its spray modules, you can select between ‘full’ and ‘massage’ as per your choice. Also, you can select a ‘full massage’ setting for the best shower.

H2OKinetic showers work on modern immersion technology. Water sculpts from the shower hose by following a unique wave pattern. It benefits you by providing a 3x body coverage of a regular shower head.

This 5-Setting handheld showerhead offers a limited lifetime warranty and a rate of 1.75 GPM. It also brings a unique pause feature that reduces water to trickle. By using this option, you can save water while you bathe.





KOHLER is another famous name in bathroom decor. It offers timeless pieces for your space, from toiletries to fixtures. Its model 22169-G-CP is from the ‘Forte’ Collection. Every item in this collection embraces bathroom decoration.

This showerhead offers three spray settings at 1.75 GPM flow. These include:

  1. Soaking Rainshower
  2. Narrow Massage
  3. Silk spray

The three diverse settings feel denser, stronger, and more powerful than other showerheads. 22169-G-CP covers your full body on a wider range than an American standard showerhead.

It offers a design that caters to aerating of droplets while making them softer and larger. By offering larger drops, you experience a fuller spray pattern. In contrast, softer droplets prevent bouncing off your skin. Hence, you come across a warmer showering experience under 22169-G-CP.

This rainshower by KOHLER offers a solid water cone that soaks every inch. Its pulsing massage spray can provide instant relief to your back. The fine shower spray is the most recommended, as it offers a warm water temperature that smoothly washes away shampoo and soap.

It is easy to install, and you can smoothly rotate and adjust the Forte after installing it. Its spray-setting dial spins by a single hand, which is entirely different from the flipside showerhead.

Similar to many latest models, 22169-G-CP clogs due to limescale. But, it is easy to clean by running your fingertips through its flexible tips. Plenty of customers on Amazon track down this model only for its finish. Forte products also resist tarnishing and corrosion.




Brand: AquaStar

AquaStar is another brand in the world of trustworthy and reliable showers. It is owned by Interlink Products International Incorporated – the most famous showerhead manufacturer in the United States of America.

On our list of the best shower heads is its model 5530 High-Pressure 6-Setting Luxury Spa Hand Shower. This modern-looking handheld shower can give you a spa-like showering experience every time you stand underneath.

It works on the Advanced Microban® Technology and features antimicrobial and clog-free nozzles. These prevent the growth of mildew, mold, bacteria, and limescale. The rub and clean tips of this shower prevent calcium buildup.

The construction of this luxury hand shower stables water pressure and extends product life. With the Microban® Lifetime Antimicrobial Technology, this shower works at a molecular level.

It helps protect your shower against bacterial damage and keeps it new even after many years of use. You can fix it overhead for a hands-free shower experience. 5530 offers six luxury spa shower settings:

  1. Pulsating Massage
  2. Power Rain
  3. Gentle Mist
  4. Water-saving Pause
  5. Mixed Modes

Also, it features an extra-large 4.3″ face, antimicrobial jets, and a high-power dial. To enhance your shower, you can adjust the angle-adjustable bracket and relax.

Further, we recommend this shower for its extra-long stainless steel hose. It increases the mobility of this shower and makes cleaning easy. Hence, you can always prefer it to wash kids and pets.

The leak-proof flexible hose nuts made of solid brass metal make this handheld shower head reliable. You can find washers, instructions, and plumber’s tape with this shower to easily install it in your bathing space.




Brand: DreamSpa

The showerhead brand DreamSpa is also owned by Interlink Products International Incorporated. This manufacturing company is popular for its high-end shower models.

Hence, we review its 1432 3-Way rainfall showerhead. This dreamy model is a stunning pair of a handheld shower and a showerhead. It is manufactured using stainless steel and a chrome-plated ABS with a chrome finish.

The rainshower showerhead owns a 7″ face offering maximum water flow. Its handheld showerhead has a 4″ face along with a 2.5 GPM flow. Besides, this handheld shower also offers seven water flow patterns:

  1. Power Rain
  2. Pulsating Massage
  3. Eco-Rain
  4. Hydro-Mist
  5. Rain/Mist
  6. Rain/Massage
  7. Water Savings Pause

Its adjustable showerhead allows people of different heights to use it effortlessly. You need no tools to install it as it connects quickly with any standard shower arm.

With its lifetime warranty, you can always invest comfortably in DreamSpa 1432. Also, 1.8 pounds makes a lightweight shower that prevents any pressure on your bathroom walls.

It contains a 3-Zone Click lever dial to help you change the water spray modes instantly. The Rub-clean jets allow easy cleaning while increasing the durability of this model.




Brand: Speakman

Speakman is in the bathroom fixtures industry for a long time. This reliable brand is producing high-tech products since 1869. We have selected their Speakman S-2252 among our best shower head reviews.

This Signature Anystream shower head’s best feature includes high water pressure. It serves as a stylish addition to any bathroom. You can find it in different styles and colors. These are Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome, Polished Brass, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Matte Black, Brushed Bronze, and Polished Nickel.

Every model from this brand is built using durable materials. You can find this luxury showerhead in multiple hotels and resorts. S-2252 holds the Anystream 360-degree technology that allows users to rotate the handle and switch between spray patterns and volume.

The intense sprays allow you to enjoy a strong and intense shower experience. Its rain shower creates a power rain mist for a soothing spa treatment in your home bathroom. Often people prefer its flood setting after a long day for its thick power sprays.

You can find self-cleaning nozzles in this high water pressure shower. It helps clean and maintain the showerhead while adjusting it easily. With soap and water, you can easily remove the mineral buildup from shower nozzles.

This showerhead also offers 48 different spray pattern settings. You can customize these spray settings through the lever. Also, you can find six plungers in S-2252. These help to provide stronger and heavier sprays.

By offering a 2.5 GPM water flow, the S-2252 serves as a signature silhouette in popular guest baths.





As discussed earlier, KOHLER is a popular brand for manufacturing bathtub fixtures. After the K-22169-G-CP by this manufacturer, we have K-10282-AK-CP on our review list.

Often people ignore this model and opt for the preceding one even after its high price. Thus, we recommend readers go through the specifications of this showerhead.

Regardless of its single-spray mode, K-10282-AK-CP serves as the best shower head with built-in wireless speakers. Thus, you can add music to your shower experience under this low-flow shower! These speakers have seven hours run time after syncing with any Bluetooth device.

KOHLER’s Katalyst Spray technology adds air to the water stream and gives you a high-flow shower feel. With its weight, you can easily mount this showerhead on your bathroom wall. You can also clean this model easily for its silicone flat face consisting of tiny protrusions from spray nozzles.

With the Katalyst technology, two liters of air are added to the shower per minute. Hence, you feel a water flow of 4.5 GPM. During winters, you can benefit from its hot water submerging your full body. The features of K-10282-AK-CP make it an ideal choice if you need high water pressure baths.

You can select this showerhead between six different finishes. These are Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Vibrant Polished Brass, Vibrant French Gold, and Vibrant Brushed Bronze.




Brand: High Sierra

David Malcolm found the brand High Sierra in 2006. Malcolm was a nozzle manufacturer for agricultural irrigation. He created a spray nozzle that transforms a low water pressure stream into thick drops. Thus, we have selected the High Sierra High-Efficiency Low-Flow Showerhead for review.

This shower feel of this model does not portray a low flow of water. It has a luxurious feeling and caters to your showering needs with heavy droplets. It gives a power mist spray feel better than a rain shower head. It consists of antibacterial metal that enhances durability in comparison to plastic showers.

High Sierra does not include silicone nozzles that annoy you while removing clogs. But, you can use the manual and soak it in vinegar to eliminate scales. This model is perfect for saving water. You can consider it as an eco-friendly product for your home.

By using 1.5 GPM water flow, High Sierra reduces your water bill quickly. Also, people consider it as a water-conserving showerhead. You can find this model in four different finishes: Polished Brass, Chrome, Nickel, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze.




Brand: Hansgrohe

When listing popular bath product manufacturers, do not miss Hansgrohe. This German brand has contributed high-quality essentials for bathrooms, with a century’s experience in creating the best shower heads. Thus, Hansgrohe 27474001 is among our top picks.

This innovative model can add a chic look to any American bathroom. It works on the AirPower technology, which combines air with water jets. As a result, homeowners can enjoy a massage jet or a rain massage setting.

Regardless of its high price, you can pick it for giving your bathroom a style boost. With an easy-to-install construction, this showerhead requires no technical guide and plumber.

27474001 works on a Raindance Downpour Air Design. It provides a power rain shower. You can enjoy a higher water pressure while limiting your water usage. Also, it adds more volume to the water pipe and speeds the shower instantly.

Features of this showerhead work in low water pressure as well. RainAir is its only spray mode that lets you enjoy a relaxing rain mist under the showerhead. Also, it enriches your water drops and plumps them.

Besides offering 2.5 gallons per minute water flow, this model provides 180 anti-clog water sprays.

The design of this 27474001 is attractive and modern. Its spray disc owns a chrome construction, while its showerhead is solid brass. With an elegant and long-lasting look, this durable showerhead shows sturdiness.

Also, you get the chance to select between Chrome and Brushed Nickel finish. It has a 9.375″ disc that provides full-body coverage. With this shower head’s powerful rinsing, you can remove shampoo and soap quickly.

Installation of this shower head is simple. You need an adjustable wrench, 2mm Allen key, and plumbers tape to install it in your bath space. This model gives you the option to fix it at an angle or overhead.

You can easily clean 27474001 due to its silicone nozzles. Rub your fingers through these metal nozzles under water and remove the build-up. With the QuickClean function, you can obtain optimum droplets from spray nozzles.




Brand: SomovWorld

Our last pick is SomovWorld, a lesser-known brand. And we add the H-RSH6910 Luxury Rain Shower Head to our list for its classy features.

It performs excellently on low and high water pressure both. With a brass swivel ball joint, this model sprays water in several directions. You can find a removable water flow restrictor that you can remove as per your needs.

H-RSH6910 offers 2.5 GPM water flows and meets the basic standards of showering. This sprayer consists of a 6″ face with 90 balanced self-cleaning nozzles. Its anti-clog jets prevent the buildup of dirt and limescale.

SomovWorld uses high-quality ABS and durable materials to manufacture this showerhead. With a metal-like finishing, this showerhead adds a chic look to the bathtub. For this reason, you can find it in many luxury hotels.

The brand offers an installation manual with this showerhead. It enables owners to fix H-RSH6910 in their bathrooms with little effort. And you do not need any extra tools to install it.

Also, the anti-leak features of this sprayer enable quick maintenance. In the case of buildup, you can firmly run your fingers to remove it.



Final Words

Selecting the best shower heads for your bathroom is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you understand the specifications of a good shower, you can go on to find the best one for your bathroom. And we hope our reviews expedite your buying decision.